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What You Need To Know About Fishing

Fishing is an activity carried out in a lot of countries . Fishing is an activity by which one tries to catch aquatic animals which mainly include fish . Fishing doesn't mean that you are necessarily going to be catching fish only , fishing includes other aquatic animals . Examples of other aquatic animals that are fished include the mollusks , cephalopods , crustaceans and others .
A lot of techniques are used to catch this animals . It's not a very easy job to do , fishing requires a lot of skill and patience . Some of the techniques used include trapping , spearing , gathering , angling and netting this techniques make it easy to lure them and catch them . Fishing is an activity that was carried out even in the stone age times , they used spearing as the mode of catching fish . This fishing techniques have evolved thanks to the digital error that is full of new inventions .
Fishing laws vary from state to state in some countries fishing of some rare species is illegal . In some countries you need a licence to fish in the waters . Different countries use different laws to control the fishing activity , this is to prevent the extinction of some of the precious marine life . Failure to regulate fishing can lead to pollution , extinction and even wastage of resources that is why it's important to follow the guidelines set by the law in the country that you are in . Breaking this laws can lead to high penalties that include either money or doing time behind bars .
Fishing is an activity that puts food on a lot of tables . Many people especially the poor that live near the shores of the lakes and rivers depend on the fish for food at home and even selling to get extra money for their upkeep . Fish are a good source of proteins and energy needed in the body . Fish provide omega oil and cod liver oil that is very important in a child's growth that why there is a serious connection between the fisherman and the medicine world .
Fishing has also provided a lot of opportunities for people to get employment and earn a living . It's through this fishing activity that people get to earn a living and improve their standards of living . Sea food is also very expensive in the countries that it's available and this helps improve the economy of the region . Fishing improves economy in regions where the fish are available because there are tourists that travel all the way to see the different types of fish and also to have a taste of them . Some people also carry out fishing as an hobby , during their free time they visit places where fish are available and fish them out just for the fun it . Fishing can be a stress reliever because when you are carrying out this activity your whole Mind goes into concentrating to catch them that's why people love it . It's true to say that it's a fun thing to do . Fishing should not be taken for granted , it should be respected and recognised as an important part of the economy . Serious laws should be put in place to protect the aquatic animals and the fishermen , anyone found breaking them should face the full force of justice .

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